Robert Fabiano

Art Testimonials



"I received the plates at work this morning and just a few minutes ago opened the box up. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!! I am so delighted with them! We both sat looking at Brenda's plate and were smiling and laughing at the same time. Brenda will just FLIP when she sees her plate. I love the hearts that you put around her and Dee Dee and I love Dee Dee's eyes that are riveted on Brenda. Also the clouds in the background are a really neat touch! Roberta, I was so moved by the plate you created for Brenda I was just about in tears. Another knock-out will be that she absolutely loves "The Wild Parrots Of Telegraph Hill". She will be delighted and shocked to know the same person who wrote and performed "Dogen, Connor and Tupelo" pm her DVD, made her parrot plate. They are wonderful and we love them!!! You certainly know how to capture the essence of the heart in your work." -Mark Whitehead Decatur, IL










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