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Bella Online... Dogen, Connor & Tupelo Review
Mavis Metcalf
BellaOnline's Birds Editor
Dogen, Connor & Tupelo
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Mavis Metcalf Dogen, Connor & Tupelo by Mavis Metcalf

If the names in the title sound familiar, you probably either watched the movie and/or read the book – Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.

Of course with movies, come songs and there has to be someone to write and sing the song.

As well as being the names of three of the Conures in the store, this is also the name of one of the songs sung in the movie. This song was written and sung by Roberta Fabiano.

I met Roberta over e-mail exchanged, and she told me a bit of the story about the writing of this song.

Roberta has two conures – a Mitred and a Nanday. She belongs to the Long Island Parrot Society and she indicated that the mission of this club is to build a parrot museum/shelter and learning center in their area.

Her Mitred Conure is named Ratchet, and Rachet was featured in the music video of Roberta's song Dogen, Connor & Tupelo. Ratchet has also posed for advertising for Macy's and was on the cover of Bird Talk Magazine in 2007.

Roberta is a song writer and singer and after she read the book by Mark Bittner titled The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, she felt inspired to write a song about three of Mark's favourite birds – Dogen, Connor and Tupelo.

Once the song was complete, she sent an e-mail to Mark Bittner to tell him about the song and how the story had inspired her, and Roberta was surprised to hear back from him almost immediately, indicating that he would love to hear it. She sent the song to him – he loved it – and the next thing she knew, they were creating a video together using some of Mark's footage of the wild flock and some with Roberta's Ratchet.

Last summer, Roberta met up with Mark again in San Francisco and the two of them sang the song together

Here is the video of Roberta and Mark singing Dogen, Connor & Tupelo together in 2008.

Here is the original version of Dogen, Connor & Tupelo from the movie.

Here is a link to Roberta Fabiano's website Bird



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