Artist Overview

“Primarily, I work in 3D format on canvas and eventually some of my works have jumped off the canvas to evolve into free-standing life- sized sculptures that I choose to call ‘Beings’. The 3D format was inspired by my various experiences working as a professional musician. I believe that art and music are almost inseparable and have always felt the need to express myself in both forms.

The medium I use for my artwork mainly consists of papier-mache, cheesecloth, fish net and various found objects such as computer monitors, old discarded musical instruments, televisions and old broken telephones.

My work with computer parts started in the early 1990’s before I owned a computer. I had (and still do have) fears of the effect computers have on our lives. The fear of losing one’s own identity and peace of mind. The fear of needing extended time in each day to even formulate our thoughts on paper. We are communicating, yet we’re not communicating. The fear of feeling constantly vulnerable and exposed.”

You can currently see many of my works on display at The Cutting Room located at 44 East 32nd Street, New York City.